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Fellows unboxed guests Sébastien Bournier, JP Benadjer and Paul J. No strike back with a new Lunear album, From Above. You might have to wait until 17th of May to get your hands on it, unless you're smart. Yours truly is.
From Above features 4 songs clocking around 48 minutes in total, so it ain't no punk album, but rather a highly melodic progressive album. It is finely produced (by a guy named David Paredes) and played with sheer elegance, featuring so... many... keyboards, powerful and creative drumming and joyfully driving bass. The guitar parts are quite interesting, though <trigger warning> it is a keyboard-dominated album </trigger warning>, so don't expect many heavy riffs or crazy Jimi-infused soli.
The lyrics used to be Lunear's low point (in your truly's very 'umble opinion), but here Bournier wrote some top-notch stories that, backed by excellent songwriting and arranging, propels Lunear among the best acts of the 2020's.

Lunear 2024

The bad news is that Lunear's wonderful inspiration doesn't translate into their dull promotional video, sadly unworthy of the group's talent, a bland waste of time that you'll watch at your own expenses.

It's a no-brainer to say that more info is available on Lunear's website.

Brick Bosso tells you that you don't have to explain. You just have to watch and listen.

R.I.P Mr Beaver. He played drums on Gilles' Last Summer On The Beach maxi-single. He was also the leader of Tina & The Funksters with Tina Santin, Ian 'Fusian' Rigillo, Axel Dumont and Hudson Silveira. He is now in heaven. Prior to his passing, he had started recording a song of his own writing, Buonanotte, with Tina, Fusian and Axel. And yours truly who sings and plays some synthesizer. The Funksters made a video as a tribute to him. Watch it here.




Recorded as a bootleg in 2012 (not 1982!), Gilles' version of Philip Glass' Koyaanisqatsi is now available on streaming.

KoyaaNeko KoyaaNeko
Years ago, Gilles contributed to a few tribute albums. They have their own page now.


Brick Bosso gets visual, psychedelic and speaks magic.

The first two albums of Secret Faces, on which yours truly is doing some guest appearance, have been remastered. It seems that if you click on the album covers below, you'll get to hear them. Cool.

Secret Face Remaster Secret Face Remaster

When Ana Cozman sings, you're transported in an aquarelle in the blink of an eye. You might not believe me. In this case, you may try it for yourself. Click on the aquerelle below and hear the colours.


You're not gonna like it, but in order to make things clear for fragile 2020's people, from now on a part of my catalogue features a trigger warning:


Lew Ellyn, formerly known as Glen Llewellyn Smith, thinks the world has gone crazy. Amongst musicans on the album, you'll find the usual suspects Hudson Silveira, hetpampa and yours truly.  And Glen, of course. Or should I say Lew Ellyn. World Gone Crazy is available on various online shops, like this one...
Pulsar 2023

A few remasters are now available for you on Gilles' Bandcamp site, including the controversial 2001 demo Farewell To The Pulsar.

Pulsar 2023

Friend and collaborator Brick Bosso released a new single, which happens to be an interesting cover from David Bowie.

Let's Dance

Lew Ellyn, that you know as Glen Llewellyn Smith, co-wrote a new song for my forthcoming album. And he just recorded and released his own version. "Something New In Waterloo", that's the song. The B-side is called "Solitude". And I play the keyboards on that one.
The whole single Solitude In Waterloo is here.

Lew Ellyn 2023

Saturday 4th of March 1989 was recorded the first version of "Memories Of A Teenage Cat". It surely deserved a remaster for its anniversary.


Listen to the Cat on Spotify, Apple Music and others...

Remember "Legs & Liquor" from MokoMoko Collection? Sure you do. But the dub version? It was released a few months after the album, and has just been remastered and finally gets the international release it deserves. Try it on Spotify or any of your favourite online shops.

Legs & Liquor 2012

Happy Year of the Cat (or Rabbit) to my Asian friends! Do you remember the soundtrack of cat-minded people?


And happy Mardi Gras to the happy few (like me) who were bron on Mardi Gras Day...

Mardi Gras


AlmaBayerLew EllynBrick Bosso 2022

You have the full Unboxing collection? So you're familiar with my friends and collaborators hetpampa, Bill Bayer, Glen Llewellyn Smith and Keith 'Brick Bosso' Walsh. Those cats have news for you:

hetpampa released a new album, Alma, featuring yours truly on two tracks, and a bunch of other guests, including piano virtuoso Hudson Silveira. It's on the best online shops, and your job is to click here and listen nowhere

Bill Bayer is launching a crowdfunding so he can pay his musicians on his forthcoming album Now. Support him (and his starving musicians) here and now (like the album's title)  here

Glen Llewellyn Smith changed his artist name into Lew Ellyn. He went to check into his tapes from 1999 until now and released them as Ark-Hive Collection. Listen to Lew Ellyn's moving collection of songs here and nowhere
Lew Ellyn

Brick Bosso is a busy guy. Between two shows of MindFree, he records a song or two as Brick Bosso, inclusing this surprising "Bodhisattva Kiss". Check it and listen to it here and nowhere
Brick Bosso 2022

Author & music historian Peter Checksfield just released his Undercover encyclopedia of the 500 Rolling Stones covers you must hear. And guess what? Gilles' version of "This Place Is Empty" is included. Get your copy on Amazon here

Are you such a boring musician? Maybe. Check the 3rd edition of The Rock Star Paradox to find out... and solve your problem!
Release on 21st of September 2022  here

Back to school, back to shopping centre. It's easier to buy a part of Gilles now. here

Gilles doesn't play any instrument nor sings on this Brick Bosso single. He made a dub mix. here

Burger Queen

Book your day on 5th of August 2022. Someday, a song from Cold Chisel, has been covered by Gilles. I said not before 5th of August. here


After the whole list of songs written by Gilles, here's the complete list of covers done by our old Cat. Official or not. here


The maxi single is now done. Last Summer On The Beach (We Were Drinking  Limoncello). Here's the cocktail menu:

1- (You’ve Been Drinking) My Limoncello -single version-
2- Lemon Body Scrub -new song-
3- Just How Many Times -originally from Cold Chisel-
4- Blue Wave -originally from Eddy Grant-

...and a bonus track too! You want a preview or not? Jump here... here

Last summer on the beach

The maxi single is now almost done recording. Homestretch, guys, homestretch! And We See Limes Studio has new pictures. here


Some welcome updates to the website have been done for you: in order to save you some preciosu time, Gilles' full discography has links to most of the recordings. The guest page also has cleaned up links and more features.

After some 3 years indulging in We See Limes Studio, Gilles finally got back on stage for a rather chaotic and short performance. The band consisted in Myles Simpson (drums), Hudson Silveira (organ & piano), Ben Carmona (guitar) and Gilles (voice). Two songs were performed: (You've Been Drinking) My Limoncello and Keith Richards' Crosseyed Heart.

Oh shit... more secrets revealed about We See Limes Studio. here

We See Limes

On this Super Cat's Day (スーパー猫の日) in Japan, let's celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mokomoko Collection's release! On Cat's Day! here

Buy now

Keith Richards' Crosseyed Heart by Gilles with Ian Rigillo, Nicolas NikoZark Leroy, hetpampa and Sébastien bargio Bournier has been released today!

Crosseyed Heart

Keith Richards' Crosseyed Heart by Gilles with Ian Rigillo, Nicolas NikoZark Leroy, hetpampa and Sébastien Bournier is mixed and done. Yessss!

Unboxing specs for radio stations are online now. And enjoy some new pictures of 2006 sessions back from the vaults.

Recordings for an unexpected new single, along with some session work for Glen Llewellyn Smith.

Gilles' dub experiments are now available on a single page.

Wow, five more Aperitivo pages for you today! They guide you to more albums to discover if you want to continue your journey into the snowy feline's world.

Tired of the same Christmas songs played over and over? Well Gilles' drunken Xmas cards may not soothe you then. Or maybe yes, who knows. Some are still available and a friendly cost. Hey it's Christmas after all.

We See Limes Records, that vanity label and fluffy recording studio, reveals some of its best kept secrets right here.

Happy 15th anniversary to Beppu Nights! The experience continues on Beppu Nights' special page.

You know Glen Llewellyn Smith, he plays and composes on the holy Unboxing album. The guy just released a new single, End Times Undone. And there's a video featuring G.S. and drummer Myles Simpson (another Unboxing lad). You watch it here.

Glen Llewellyn Smith band

A bunch of live pictures and the updated 9 facts about Gilles on Gilles' profile.

New reviews available from the Aperitivo pages. This includes Yanagigaura, Beppu Nights, Farewell To The Pulsar, Party In Lyceum's Toilets and Tales Of Acid Ice Cream.

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October 2021
Oh my, this Pandan Smash cocktail is so inspiring...

September 2021

August 2021

Gilles is either resting on his laurels, or working on stuff. You guess.

June 2021
For you if you love to dance, the first album of EDM project Minus Ion Re-Generation is out.
It's called 150, maybe because most pieces are at 150 bpm. Pretty simple, isn't it?
Listen, buy, beg, borrow or steal here: Minus Ion Re-Generation page

May 2021
For you if you love to dance, the first non-album single of EDM project Minus Ion Re-Generation is out.
It's called Bubble Tea Motorway.
Listen, buy, beg, borrow or steal here: Minus Ion Re-Generation page