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Part 3: The 3 records you will try because you're curious
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Now that you get what it's all about (or so you think), get into deeper stuff.

/ Beppu Nights
- Awaken -
(EP, 2006)
Pass The Pill

- Gianax -
(EP, 2016)
/ Pazuru No Meirô
- Morry Ken -
(single, 2013)
Beppu Nights Gianax Morry Ken
For some reasons, Beppu is called "the Las Vegas of Japan".

Need more reason to get your copy?


Have you ever swallowed a pill, not knowing what effect it would have on you, just out of curiosity? Is it a red pill, a blue pill? An upper, a downer?

If you're that adventurous a person, Pass The Pill is definitely for you. The EP features 3 musical pills whose effects are still controversial to this day. Not for everyone. But you're not just everyone, are you?

Gianax are 3 musicians who finally managed to deal with their gigantic ego. Or so they thought.

A session for it's Oh! MUSIC's house singer Morry Ken. Short keyboard session, longer evenings at the bar, Morry Ken generously paying drinks for the guests, paying dues to the blues and undoing the puzzle. In the maze.

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So, how do you want your night?

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Now, how do you want your pills?

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So, how do you want to escapte the maze?

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