Gilles Snowcat
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"They say I’m an underground singer, which sounds cool so I decided to agree.
And here I am, underground singer. Singing love songs after dark on cult albums.
Quite underground, isn’t it?"

(Gilles Snowcat, 2020

Gilles Snowcat

9 facts

Did you know?
1- Aquarius born on Mardi Gras day.

2- Launched his troubled AWAKEN project in high school, early 1988, with an old Crumar synthesizer, a detuned piano and some bad (but tasty) mixes of booze.

3- Recorded Memories Of A Teenage Cat early 1989, an urban blues vaguely inspired by the suburbs of the city in winter.

4- Enneagram type 4 (occasionally trying to step into type 8's shoes for fun). You've been warned.

5- Designing some massage music too, and hypnosis music...

6- Making you dance with colourful EDM / Trance music, even wearing the costume of beatmaker... sometimes.

7- Wrote a book, The Rock Star Paradox, in order to help you shy musicians to unleash your inner rock star.

8- Signed by the Japanese label it's Oh! MUSIC but created his own vanity label We See Limes for the only sake of giving his ego some pleasure time.

9- Has 9 as lucky number. Cat.


When Gilles is on stage with the usual suspects,
you never know what might happen. He doesn't either.

Live2019 Live with Cozark
Live with hetpampa (guitar, voice), Glen Llewellyn Smith (bass, voice), G.S., Myles Simpson (drums) Live and royalties controversy. G.S., Nicolas "NikoZark" Leroy (piano)

1989 2018
Early stuff, fresh stuff. Live 06/1989. Live with Axel Dumont (bass), G.S., Shigusa Fujikura (drums), Bill Bayer (guitar)

Japan 2005 2017
Rehearsal 2005, Miyazaki-city, with Koiko. Live with Mark Russel (bass), G.S., Myles Simpson (drums), Pat Lennon (bck voc), Hudson Silveira (piano), Bill Bayer (guitar)

2013 12/2015
Mokomoko Orchestra / Sousbock: Marco Mariani, G.S., TrustNo1, Sébastien Bournier, Nicolas 'Nikozark' Leroy Pre-Gianax live with Ian Rigillo (guitar), Myles Simpson (drums), Susant Bista (voice), Axel Dumont (bass), G.S.


Interview 2006
It's Oh! MUSIC meeting & interview, 2006, Miyazaki.

Session for Tales Of Acid ice Cream, 1995.

During the lazy sessions of the tape Phase 2: Scrappy, 1993.

Beppu Nights sessions
Around the Cà Phê & Pizza sessions, 2006.

Beppu Nights sessions, 2006.