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Cute bowl

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"You know, you shouldn't sing". Ever told a cat what he shouldn't do? Guess what: he'll do.

Aoshima beach neko

Gilles Snowcat is a living nightmare for any conscious journalist: they'll have to actually listen to the shit to figure out what genre sticker to glue on it. Some inspired lad though, with a little help from a 1947 Chteau d'Yquem wine, stood up for "Art-rock". Well pal, let there be art-rock then.

Cause there's art. And the vicious no-man's-land of rock. And strategies. Like, you know, that elegant Englishman who lost himself in Berlin the other day...
Gilles Snowcat is not English -though rumour has it he wished he was-, that may explain why he didn't find the road to Berlin and landed a little further instead, Japan.

That exile on side streets, where the neon glow is the last guideline for wandering drunkyards.


01/01/1988: start;

--/--/----: the end.

Cute bowl





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モコモコ・コレクション (Moko-Moko Collection)


Two cats... hai con mo !

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