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『Party In Lyceum's Toilets』
Tales Of Acid Ice Cream


released : 02/2001
cat. number :  awalp-002
format :  2CD
running time : 140 mins
players : Lionel Meessen (voice), Cedric Hamelrijck (guitar, add. drummachine), Julie 'Cunégonde' Absil (voice), Gilles Snowcat (keyboards, machines, bass guitar, voice, additional acoustic guitar, drumprogramming)
guest players : Carla (dream voice), Fabien Remblier (voice, bass guitar), Paul G (guitar, voice), Socre (rap voice), PatLap (guitar), Mike Wolf (guitar), Orely (voice), Anna-Maria (voice), Evelyne (voice), Hervé Gilles (keyboards), Laetitia Van der Vennet (spoken voice), Floris Van der Vennet (spoken voice)
mixing, technical stuff : Gilles Snowcat, Lionel Meessen, John Sellekaers (Metarc)
cover concept : Gilles Snowcat, AWAKEN, Patrick Laplagne, 1030 (Socre), Peter "Neven" Clasen.
tracklist volume 1 :

01. Interlude: MISTY CONCLUSION (G.Snowcat)
02. I'LL DISAGREE (G.Snowcat/M.Swabey)
03. COLD AS MY HEART (G.Snowcat)
04. CARLA'S DREAM (G.Snowcat)
05. NEONS OF LYCEUM'S TOILETS (G.Snowcat/M.Swabey)

06. Interlude: THE TRUE STORY OF MAÏTE DH (G.Snowcat)
07. DOWN THE DRAIN (G.Snowcat/M.Swabey)
08. DEAD IN A SUBWAY (C.Hamelrijck/G.Snowcat)
09. CUTTING MY LOVED ONE (L.Van Der Vennet/G.Snowcat)

11. Interlude: ELLEN'S ORANGE ROOM (G.Snowcat)
12. LYCEE NASE (featuring 1030) (Socre '1030'/G.Snowcat)
13. BONNIE PARKER RÊVE (featuring Hervé Gilles) (H.Gilles)
14. BRITNEY AND BARRY  (C.Hamelrijck/G.Snowcat)

15. ELECTRIC TIME (G.Snowcat)
16. FOUR DREAMS SUITE: (G.Snowcat)
i. Günz (a) Overture ; b) Over The 'A' ; c) Nine Elements Of Life)
ii. Polygonal Mirror
iii. Rising Forest
iv. The Test
v. Sweet Wave Of Ice Cream
vi. Out Of The Flowerwall
vii. Tygersmile
viii. Interlude 6
ix. Sandrine
x. 8888
xi. Subliminal Mountain
xii. The World Where Bears Never Lock The Door
xiii. Cucumber Phone
xiv. Picture From An April's Dream
xv. Lady S
xvi. The Last Escape Of Lady S
xvii. Dark Spring
xviii. Four Dreams Epilogue

tracklist volume 2 :

01. ONE CARESS (M.Gore)
02. EESOM (B.Potts)
03. SEND MY BODY HOME (D.Annegarn)
04a ONE THING (N.Young)
    b BEST KEPT LIES (S.Prestwitch)

05. L.A. IS MY LADY (Q.Jones/P.Jones/A.Bergmann/M.Bergmann)
06. RUN OUT OF TIME (T.Banks/M.Rutherford)
07a YOU'RE REALLY OUT OF LINE (J.Robinson/D.Wolinsky)
    b GOLDEN AGE DREAMS (M.Stein/C.Appice/D.Hitchkings/R.Bishop)
    c I'M GONNA LOVE YOU (P.Criss/S.Penridge)
    d HEART OF ME (Cerrone/L.Lovitch/Gaubert)

08. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS (J.Hetfield/L.Ulrich)
09a CHRYSALIDE (P.Juvet)
    b OPEN THE KINGDOM (P.Glass/D.Byrne)
    c THE DANCE (J.Williams)
10. SWEET THING (D.Bowie)

act one: ice cream neon girls on a psychotic supermarket
    b SHANDI

act two: sleepless depression on a vinyl room
12. Interlude: CLOUDS & RAIN

act three: drifting on a sea of broken glass

act four: windy dance on a field of sand
14a TYGER (E.Froese/P.Hasslinger/C.Franke/W.Blake)
    b EVERYBODY (M.Jackson/T.Jackson/M.McKiney)
15a SWEET DREAM MACHINE (H.Beatty/B.Holland/E.Holland)
    b COME INTO MY LIFE (B.Holland/E.Holland/R.Davis)
    c LOVE I NEVER KNEW YOU COULD FEEL SO GOOD (F.Stafford/R.Brown/R.Davis/B.Holland)

act five: terror on the street of flying smiles

act six: open-air muzak behind a locked window

act seven: blind walk on the forests of no-future

act eight: explosive visions on moving mountains

act nine: an urban dream within a dream

act ten: a dark hall full of cold fruit

act eleven: ghostly melancholy on dead wood

act twelve: total darkness
25. UNTIL...

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Koid'9 Koid9

From Kris "M.Erciless" (Belgium):

Sometimes we ask ourselves: what goes on in the underbelly of our major cities. Kids playing their asses off, whether on keyboards, others try to be the next best thing on the charts. Some try to be the guitar hero of the new millennium. Awaken cannot be defined as a band who is trying to make it. They make their music like they think it should be. Whether you like it or not. Now they released their new baby. And we don't know what to do with it. The double cd-set contains more tracks than an average 10cd box with 60's classics. To find one's way in this offer of tunes and (almost) soundscapes, it takes a while. I'll try to pick some of the most remarkable song and give some comments.

CD One
The CD starts of with a keyboard promising the new Genesis (or Tony Banks) music.
But suddenly some weird guitar-riff disturbs the dream. A voice from under the counter comes in and brings us a most horrid melody. The guitar continues in a subtle progressive mood, but the singer kind of misses the raw power to fulfil his duties.
'Cold as my Heart' sounds pretty promising, but a techno-like voice brings the listener out of balance. This is a very funny song, because of the rhythms and the double-voiced chorus. Also nice guitar-work.
'Carla's Dream' is the fore bringer of more things to come. Awakens nucleus, a most mysterious guy calling himself Snowcat, sings this song in a duet with their 'main' singer Lionel. They sing out of tune, which is a sad thing because besides the vocal part, this is a very original song. Again very nice guitar work.
'Neons of Lyceum's toilets' is SO f*ng weird you have to listen to it yourself. It kicks of with a 70's organ-sound (oh no, is this Heep's July Morning? No it isn't) It reminds me of some obscure Alice Cooper song or a lost part of Genesis' 'Lamb…' Very progressive, even the sequencing sounds nice. Some ELP influences. This is real Underground, màààn. Very cool.
'Down the Drain'; finally: a female voice. And IN TUNE!! Cool melody, interesting, one of my favourites.
'Dead in a Subway'; a sneaky guitar introduces us to a 'spoken word', very theatrical song. The Lionel-voice needs some booze here. Spooky.
'Spleen Fourteen' brings some rest in this adventurous cd. Nice.
'Lycee Nase': besides the fact I don't like rap and/of hip-hop music (which is really an understatement), I think this skills are very well placed in the music as a whole. After all, this is a Brussels-based band, and this is where subcultures (no disrespect) meet.
'Britney and Barry': this is horrible; skip it.
Then we come to the Magnum Opus (is it?) of the CD.
'Four Dreams Suite' is a 30' collage with several (18) instrumental and sung parts. The well-educated listener recognizes all the influences that make Awaken what it is today. Seventies progrock and 80's electro pop. (...) 'FDS' is the proof of it. Some nice soundtrack-stuff here, but I wonder: who is able to listen the whole track trough without chemicals or alcohol, deserves a medal for self-sacrifice.

CD Two

This cd contains cover-material from, well, you name it, and it's there.
'One Caress' is quite well sung and with a minimal keyboard, is also a highlight.
Philadelphia and L.A.-based music is common knowledge to most listeners. But, a serious gamble to bring this music as Awaken does it. Of course, these rhythms are very tempting.
'Eesom' sounds like a French movie-tune from the early seventies. Interesting!!
Song no. 3: Gilles: Shut the fuck up!!
'One thing' and 'Best kept Lies': very nice sounding songs, even I don't know the originals.
'L.A. is my lady': is this Love Boat Cruise music? Yes it is. Gilles tries to sing in tune, and…
sometimes he manages.
At last: a Genesis-song. And even the female voice is drunk (or high).
'Nothing Else Matters': hope James never hears this or he'll rip your head off.
The song called ''A Dark dream Opera In Twelve Acts' is really side 4 of this cd if it was to be a vinyl product. (Imagine the complexity of this thing).
Again a million or so well or less-known songs are presented is a most personal way.
Highlights: Kiss' Shandi. (good vocals on this one Lionel!!)
They play a part of the Clouds and Rain album, a dreadful album by Gillan/Glover. And they chose the most awful song….
'Sweet Dream Machine' is sung by Julie. And quite a job she does. Very well!
Also 'Only the fool survives' Here we hear the difference: Julie sings, Lionel is strangling himself.
'The Candidate': Al Stewart knows the art of singing very subtle and very English.
 His voice and melody bending is so difficult, and even more difficult for French-speaking people.
The result shows. Well tried, Gilles

Well, what is next?
I think everybody should buy this cd because:
1: Once it will be a collector's item
2: It shows (again) that success is not obvious
3: It is much cheaper than 10 grs of marihuana, and has the same effect
4: These people put such an amount of energy in it, they deserve it.
5: Jim Morrison is probably dead.

M. Erciless.

From Dick Annegarn (France / Holland), writer of "Send My Body Home":

Ca ne me plait pas.

From Mort184 (Belgium):

AWAKEN est le meilleur groupe des années huitante-vingt. C'est le groupe le plus endormi que je connaisse, à rêver tout le temps (dream over????) de vendre plus de 500 albums dans la même journée. Tout ça c'était pour vous dire que c'était qu'une connerie. Non en fait AWAKEN c'est mon groupe préféré après AC/DC, Iron Maiden ,Van Halen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deep Purple, c'est vraiment pour vous dire que c'est un bon groupe dont le niveau dépasse facilement les sousbroucccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssssssss. Le premier cd du deuxième album est très... nouveau! Par de là se conception et l'organisation de la musique.

Vous trouverez des morceaux très très intéressants qui vous permetteront d'élargir vos horizons verticals. Avec des morceaux tels que "Cold as my heart", "Carla's dream" et "Neons of lyceum's toilets". Je vous déconseille le rap "Lycée nase" et vous indique d'écouter la meilleure chanson du monde "Britney & Barry" qui est vraiment au-delà de toute mesure de la conception du rire des meilleurs humoristes d'au-delà des frontières de l'humour intersidéral.

ET en moins de temps que vous pourrez dire "oh putain de merde qu'est-ce que c'était bien" vous aurez cette petite petite petite chanson en tête: "Carla's dream" qui résonnera résonnera résonnera résonnera et vous rendra fous d'Awaken, le groupe le meilleur, celui que tout le monde préfère, Il .

Par contre, "Neons of lyceum's toilets" vous motivera, vous élancera, vous réveillera, pour aller frapper des Parisiens.

"I'll disagree" vous remettra d'aplomb après une journée éreintante de travail.

"Dead in a subway" vous foutra le plus gros cafard du monde que vous n'avez jamais vu même dans le restaurant Italien où vous allez le dimanche manger une pizza avec votre belle-mère.

Pour le deuxième cd du deuxième album il vous relaxera tout en vous donnant envie de vomir et de baiser en même temps, après un bon shoot dans un aquarium.

Ecoutez d'abord le 2ème cd du 2ème album avant d'écouter le 1er cd du premier album.

Marie-Aline si tu lis ça tu as acheté le cd? TU DOIS!!!! Sinon Snowcat a promis de se jeter dans le Canal du Centre. Réponds-moi vite à

Pour les conclusions, si vous préféreriez acheter un album des Sousbrrrrrroooouuuuccccccckkkkss au lieu de celui du magnifiquement grandissime Awaken c'est que vous devez être :

1- complètement con

2-complètement débile

3-en manque de drogue

4-complètement Parisien (ce qui résume à peu près le point 1 et le point 2)


6-n'avoir aucun goût musical (ce qui équivaut au point 4)

7-en manque d'argent (vous devez vraiment être dans la dèche parce que c'est presque gratos)

Voilà mes conclusions.

Allez vous faire shampouiner.

Suite au prochain épisode.

Celui qui n'a pas peur de la mort,

From Rainer (Germany):

The music on the discs is honestly weird, but especially I like the two KISS cover tunes "I'm gonna love you" and "Shandi". Awesome for a Kiss fan like me.

From Jelle -Kiss Related Recordings- (Holland):

Played both discs all in once.... What can I say ... it's different. in one way it's relaxed music, meaning that I came home after a tough day of work really tired .... Playing the disc made me dream a bit ....So the bandname is good anyway ...

From Bart (Holland):

I only like one song, Four Dreams Suite! What a trip! Around 7:55, the soloing is so brilliant. The rest of the CD doesn't excite me that much, and the covers CD is crap to me. :-( But Four Drzams Suite, it's so psychedelic, I love it!!!!