Give your ego some pleasure time
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NOW / 今でしょ!
(words from the Cat himself)

I'm currently:

- Writing, recording and selling a new kind of massage music, Nekokawa Massage.

- Enjoying the nice aftermath of having published my eBook, "The Rock Star Paradox". Helping musicians to add a bit of rock star spicy in their life is a win - win - win situation. And more win's are to come...

- Preparing the release of my new single Bareta! on it's Oh! MUSIC.

- Giving your ego some pleasure time ;

- Making tons of foolish money for soothing the mind & spirit & body & fluids of thousands of depressed office ladies and tired-out salarymen ;

- Savouring pools of fine spirits with a dangerously high level of alcohol -hence the soothing power of my music ;

- Diligently writing swimming pools, private planes and limousines in the shape of songs ("Let's write a swimming pool!" -J.Lennon & P.McCartney)

- Indulging in rockstar wisdom, bigger-than-life pathways & highways.

- Living up to the legacy of divine inspirations.

(Thanks to Derek Sivers for his brilliant idea)



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