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Don't donate... to Gilles.
There's a much better use of your precious money, actually.

Dear generous fans,

Every now and then, someone wants to donate money to keep my music mission alive and going.

That’s great. After all, who doesn’t like money? It fills the tank of my Diesel limousine, allows me to drink overpriced cocktails at a trendy joint on a sunny afternoon and some other (more or less) material pleasures of life.

But a donation is a one-shot. Quickly spent.

Do you really want to help me print my seal on the universe? Simply buy my love songs after dark then! Play them on streaming platforms, include them to your playlists and share them, advertise for them and use them. And for fuck’s sake, enjoy them.

Music is a circuit where it needs to circulate, and you have the power to do so.

But most importantly, when you have money to donate, give it to an animal shelter that you know and that needs help. Believe me, they all need it. Our animal friends will benefit your gift better than I ever will. And your gesture will keep me happy.
See some shelters in my LINKS section.

Thanks pals,