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I’m a newbie. How can I discover Gilles’ music in that jungle of records?
You’ll love the Aperitivo beginner’s guide, made especially for nice people like you.

Is it ever possible to have everything Gilles did?
If you’re persistent. And there’s a complete discography here. Good luck, and don't forget to get a life.

I never heard anything of Gilles. Give me one good reason to listen to him!
You never heard anything of Gilles?! OMG. If it isn’t a good reason, what is one then?

Gilles’ music is my guilty pleasure. I love it to death but would rather die than admit it to my friends!
You have the words death and die in the same sentence. Ever thought of seeing a specialist?

What’s the fuss with Gilles Snowcat? He’s just a drunk singing sleepy cabaret songs!
That's enough to make a fuss, if not a buzz, pal.

What’s Gilles' style of music?
Call it Love songs after dark, Mardi Gras groove, kino-funk, fluffy art-rock
magnetic soul ~ love music, progressive new-beat, if this helps you then fine.

I'm lost! Is there a site map here?
No. Well, no but yes. Somehow. Check here.

Gilles’ voice reminds me of Tom Waits.
Thanks, but that’s not a question. It’s a nice compliment however.

Gilles sings like Lou Reed!
Thanks, but that’s not a question. It’s also a nice compliment however.

I hate Gilles' singing!
But obviously you listen to him anyway. And 
that’s not a question.

I want to send Gilles a birthday present, but I don’t know when is his birthday!
You don’t know his address either, so consider the task a little difficult.

What instruments does Gilles play?
A little of everything that creates a sound.
With a special fondness for those black and white keys.


What Gilles' record label?
Some records are released under the high powers of it's Oh! MUSIC,
a Japanese label based in Miyazaki prefecture.
Others proudly bear the We See Limes brand.

We See Limes, WTF? And I saw it spelled Wee See Limes. So?
We See Limes is a vanity label created by Gilles, that includes a very cosy We See Limes Studio
and an abundance of fine liquors for inspiration.
And it's sometimes spelled Wee See Limes because that aforementioned abundance
probably got to the head of someone who thought had to be creative
with the very name of the label.

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