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I know time is passing by...    Snowcat


I Know Time Is Passing By... (2008 take)
別府Nights (2008 disco take)

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2曲  / 11分35秒

作詞・作曲 : 雪猫ジル  /  トゥイちゃん

編曲 : 雪猫ジル

Sébastien Bournier: voice & drums (1) | Paul G. : guitar (1) | PatLap: harmony voice (1) | 雪猫ジル: keyboards & computer (1 & 2), voice (2) | Louis Ykoz: additional computer (1)

アート: 雪猫ジル

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Cute bowl


Even more rétro - adore lead guitar on "time passing by - adore les francais qui chantent en englais - adore the baritone voice - You have to do better in order of production

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Tamu đang nghe bài này mix lại nè, nghe rất vui tươi, mix ổn, video có 1 tấm biển báo hình Kitty :D Giọng ca sĩ rất hay, trầm ấm. waaaaa ^O^
(Tamu, Việt Nam)

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Unfortunately the singing on "I Know Time Is Passing By..." starts off painfully strained. The second track "別府NIGHTS (2008 disco take)" has a great retro feel with good singing. Don't be offended but it makes me think of an Amanda Lear disco number ;-)

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Pas directement sur Beppu Nights, mais j'ai écouté une version de "time is passing by" qui me plait bien. La voix de Seb, qu'il pousse un peu plus que ce qu'il fait pour lui, sa batterie, ces suites d'accords riches (les suites comme les accords^^), cette guitare lead. Ca a de la gueule, les "vrais" instruments quand même, didiou... (...)Et tes accords riches et ténébreux. Ambiance tristo-mélancolique. Tu devrais refaire toute ta discographie avec ce genre de shéma.

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Je place quand même toujours en tête beppu nights, je le trouve vraiment sympa ce truc là ... Et maintenant les remixes... PC [ndt : Phil Collins] et son 12ers peut se rhabiller, le voilà, le futur tube des boîtes de nuits

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Bravo à Sousbock pour sa prestation vocale et drumistique. J'aime beaucoup cette version, elle a un coté Krimsonien qui ne ressortait pas forcément dans l'ancienne version.

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The music was atmospheric, stimulating, dark even, haunting and dramatic sounding, at times, on track one, yet moody and comforting at same time, the lead singers voice did sound painfully strained, like Rocketman said in his review.. I liked the electronic guitar solo, in this track especially.The lyric he sang, did sound good, just the over all affect with his voice, spoiled the track he sounded in pain and strained vocally, and that put the listener off a bit..
Track two, enjoyed the electronic music, catchy and rhythmical,with a good bit of depth to it. Vocals on this are much better. His voice has a warmth and depth that matched the music. And his voice just seemed to fit better. Nice track in general. I enjoyed it.

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