Gilles Snowcat

A kind of biography, in a (noisy) way...

You just discovered Gilles? Have an aperitivo and unbox the music.

All you can drink: complete discography,
live, rarities, parallel projects, embarrassing pictures...

Open your heart, ears and wallet. Credit cards accepted.

Excuse me, are you a member?

Friends, animal shelters, cool cars, fine liquors, Asia

Contact Gilles. At least you tried...

When a fashionista unboxes a Louis Vuitton bag on social media, she finds a Louis Vuitton bag.

When she unboxes expensive Korean skin care cream?  She finds expensive Korean skin care cream.

And when she unboxes Gilles Snowcat?
Well... she finds all the dirty funk, trendy joints, highway restaurants, cocktails on the beach, hot towels, lemons turning limes and flashy dancefloors that she could dream of.

And you, are you daredevil enough to unbox Gilles Snowcat?


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You want more? Already!!!???
Ok, the single is still making the world dance.Go to the festival now:

Tiffany unboxed

Hey lovely,
do you miss the festivals, the clubs and endless parties in the summer? Hell, the brand new single Tiffany (The Festival Babe) ft. Midrone & hetpampa is out now! Tiffany takes you by the hand and dances with you in her very own wild, dangerous & fun festival.

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Listen to Tiffany (The Festival Babe) now:

And if you're new to Gilles' love songs after dark and don't know where to begin?
Here are the 3 Gilles Snowcat records you should start with!

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