5th of August 2022 is a cool day.

Gilles Snowcat presents:
a (cool) song written by Jimmy Barnes and Don Walker
+ a (cool) band made of Ian Rigillo - Nicolas NikoZark Leroy - Adriana Dath - Gilles Snowcat
+ a (cool) artwork by Valery Lippens

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And did you know? Cocktails that you sip on the beach taste better with the right music.
And the right music is right here below!

Sipping cocktails on the beach bar with the right music, it doesn't get better than this.

Last Summer On The Beach Last Summer On The Beach
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Awanet 2022

When a fashionista unboxes a Louis Vuitton bag on social media, she finds a Louis Vuitton bag.

When she unboxes expensive Korean skin care cream?  She finds expensive Korean skin care cream.

And when she unboxes Gilles Snowcat?
Well... she finds all the dirty funk, trendy joints, highway restaurants, cocktails on the beach, hot towels, lemons turning limes and flashy dancefloors that she could dream of.

And you, how daredevil are you to unbox Gilles Snowcat?

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